Monday, January 18, 2010

Temperament and Twain

I have been thinking a lot about my temperament lately. Mark Twain asserts that we are nothing more then servants to circumstance and our temperament and that we can do nothing to change either of those factors. I disagree with him in some aspects but I do think that we are mastered by our temperament.
It's partner is temperament- his natural disposition. His temperament is not his invention, it is born in him, and he has no authority over it, neither is he responsible for its acts. he cannot change it nothing can change it nothing can not modify it-except temporarily. - Mark Twain.

I have been fighting against this thought for the last week but I keep seeing the way it is true in my own life. I have habits and ways of acting that are set in stone, habits I fall back in to without even the slightest provocation. It frustrates me that I am a slave to my temperament but I have come to the decision that it is better to work with it then to strive against it.

Because of our temperament and it's immutable nature we can use our past behavior to predict our future behavior. The best thing we can ever do to change our lives is to know our selves, know our temperament, in that way our actions will not be a surprise to us, and we can avoid situations that cause our temperament to make a bad choice.

So do you struggle with your temperament or have you made peace with it? What are your techniques for avoiding situations were you know that nature of yours will get you in trouble? Let me know in the coments and have a great day.


Tess said...

I think I first changed mine with a lot of therapy, willingness and desire to change. I've also gained patience over the years!

Quinn said...

Hi Tess Patience is a huge key. if we can be patient with our selves when we wine about wanting something that is bad for us we are half way to change. I think the other half comes from finding things that gratify our wants and needs in a productive and healthful way.

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