Monday, February 15, 2010

Capturing inspiration

Over the weekend I had my first guest post published at uplift antidote. This great blog deals with being positive and moving forward, stop by and check it out it is well worth your time. The piece I wrought there was on inspiration and how to find it, however finding it is just part of the process you also have to save the inspiration and act on it. I will save acting on inspiration for another time today let's take a look on ways to save it.

Inspiration comes in a blinding flash it is there and we marvel at the potential of a new idea. How often does this happen when we have the tools handy to execute the idea, to make the thought real. So if we are out there looking for and finding inspiration in all things then we must have some way to store it tell we can get the time to work on it.

The simplest method is to carry a small note book were you can take notes on the idea, sketch quick visions of what you might want to create and otherwise trap the idea. This is a simple, cheap and effective way to capture inspiration in the wild.

The tool I like to use is my phone. Most phones have a few items built in that make them perfect for capturing inspiration when it hits. You can record a voice memo for yourself of the idea. This has a few benefits over pen and paper, if you are like me when inspiration hits the idea comes faster than the pen can write, my inspiration notebooks tend to be messy scrawls of chicken scratch. Voice memos also will capture your emotion at them moment of inspiration. Not only does this rekindle the fire of the idea but stokes the emotional blaze, that drive to create. The other tool built in to almost every phone these days that makes it powerful for capturing ideas is the camera. The camera can capture the image of the sunset that has so inspired us. Combined with a voice memo you have the idea and the source in one place.

If we are going to set off to hunt inspiration we must be prepared to bring it back to camp with us. Having the right tools with us at all times is important. If there are some methods to capturing information I have not mentioned I would love to hear about them. Have a great day.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

I use my phone a lot too because it keeps me organized. There are a lot of great applications out there which are great when a person is always on the run.

I will definitely check out the other blogs. Thanks for the update.

Quinn said...

I do like evernote for capturing information and storing it. however not everyone has a phone that will support it. Give uplift antidote a shot there is some good stuff there

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