Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Overloaded at the salad bar

Some days I think I need a bigger plate. As usual when I start getting in to a good creative place in my life I overfill my schedule with all the things I want to do. TO much school, blogging and gaming and I start to feel overloaded. At the same time this is the place where I perform best at, when I look back at my life the times I am happiest when I have overscheduled my life with things I want to do. The habit of over scheduling myself has its pros and cones.

The advantages of over scheduling

I am fortunate right now that everything on my plate is something I want to be there, indeed there is not a lima bean or brusle sprout in sight. This overabundance of things I want to do has the added effect of focusing my time and actually allowing me to get more done. When there is not a constant time pressure then I slack and wait for a time I feel like working on a project. Under that situation there is always a video game to play or a funny picture to look at on the internet. When I have spared myself a bit too thin these distractions start to fall away (well for the most part).

Also I find that when I have a lot of work to do I become more creative. The parties of writing each day for example keeps my brain prepped and ready to produce. Since I have moved the blog to a daily schedule I find that ideas flow more readily and organize themselves more coherently. I have created a habit of inspiration which so far is serving me well. I do not know if I would be able to maintain this sort of energy without a deadline hanging over my head

The disadvantages of over scheduling

Some projects however do not get the attention they deserve. For example my second blog only gets a post now and then. Even though it is about my gaming hobby it does not get much love. The same is true for a few other newer projects I would like to start. There is not enough time in the day for me to truly commit the energy I want to them.

I also sometimes find myself having to make room for the people in my life. This in my opinion is the biggest negative. In the long run I value family and friends over projects so I have to constantly strive to balance my work against my life.

Another downside to my overcrowded schedule is that the parts of projects that don't interest me are what does not get done. I should take the time to prep for game sessions setting up the encounters before I sit down at the table but most of the time I wing it. And that is just one example. Even the projects I focus on the most do not get done to the highest standard that they could.

In the end however I don't think half of the things I start would even get off the ground if I did not have so much to work on. So for now I will put up with good enough over never finished. I think in the next few weeks I will work to refine my schedule and build in time for the projects that have not gotten the attention they deserve. The other thing that worries me is how long can I keep this state of high yield production running. If I do it long enough will it become habit, I hope so, I like it here in the high octane world of overworking myself.


Patricia said...

I am a person who needs a full schedule and I get more completed and with more creativity too....I do ignore the things I do not wish to do - but not I have to make time to be still and learn to shut down my stress hormones myself - manually - It is important because I want to keep living...but it is making it harder to keep my energy focused and up to par...

Good ideas and I like your name - one of my children shares it with you....and your title of this post....salad bar blues! Thank you

Patricia said...

but now not but not!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I like being busy, but I don't want to become so busy that I don't have time to myself to enjoy the money I've made.

I think it all boils down to priorities and what makes a person happy.

Quinn said...

Patrica what i find helps me to shut down when i need to is to find a place of peace. for me this is a few of my local parks were i can go walking.

Shelly i think you are right we just hear so often out in the blogsphear about how we need to simplify our lives and i just don;t think that is for every one. A simple and neat environment are helpful and a clear head space is nice as well but some of us just thrive on a cluttered hectic schedule

Tess said...

I also like to work under pressure. If you decide to prioritize tasks and begin with the one you dislike the most when you are finished reward yourself with time on your other blog. That one change could make a gigantic difference in your life.

Quinn said...

Thanks Tess that is a great tip, I'm going to give that a try. I think part of my problem with my other blog is i have not yet Figueroa out how to differentiate my voice from all the other gaming blogs out there. I feel like a copycat so it does not stimulate my creativity to work on it.

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