Monday, July 11, 2011

Rovers and Rededication

There is a reoccurring cycle in life, a cycle that becomes clearer when we start working on improving our lives. This is the cycle of rededication to the goals we want.

Trying to accomplish anything in the long term is like being a Martian rover. You work on your goal, you do what you need to do and then next thing you know your solar panels are covered with dust and you just can’t keep going, at least until a breeze comes along and blows the dust away.

Rededication is the art of finding that breeze. It rekindles our motivation and it allows us to refocus on what we need to get done.

The first step in rededicating ourselves is to realize we have lost focus, to know that we are not performing as well as we should or working on the things we need to. Once we realize this the next thing to do is not let this lack of focus distract us from our rededication.

It is so easy to get distracted by the dust that is covering our solar panels and clogging our wheels instead of focusing on that we have to do.

The process of clearing the dust is just a matter of reidentifying the things we really want and the things we are doing. Comparing these two lists and asking the question, “does this thing I am doing contribute to what I want?” will show what is helpful and what is dust.

Once we know what is dust we just have to let it go in the breeze and what is left will be the purpose we are looking for.


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