Monday, December 14, 2009

Called shots

Lat week was a pretty good week for goals, I got to work on most of them.

*Find a place to volunteer Still working on this :)
*Develop a set schedule for myself I have worked this our pretty well I have my scheduled worked out for my classes now i just need to stick with it.
*Get my class schedule organized and register for classes class registered for at 12:01 this morning
*Work on new writing project Not yet but fiction writing is a proses and hard for me to force.
*Add a new feature to the blog The new feature is up and running, it is called Random sources of inspiration. The idea of it is I run into interesting quotes in stories movies and TV shows and share them with you along with my thoughts on it.

This weeks goals
*Learn something new
*Start adjusting my self to school schedule
*Start a writers group
*Fine tune the look of Up from the ashes


Henri said...

Awesome. Keeping goals is good to keep your head clear, although I don't do it. I probably should, but I don't want to ;)

Quinn said...

@ henri honestly the goals sometimes give me a bit of panic on Sunday when i relies i haven't even started on one of them yet. But it is a good usable sort of panic.

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