Friday, December 18, 2009

What I have been staring at this week

This happens to me every Friday i click post on this feature and then a few minutes latter I find something else to share with you folks. The late comer to the party this week is save the words were you can adopt rare and underused words. Think you have a great vocabulary see how many of these you know.

Here are a list of some more on topic articles that i have read over the week that I think you should take a look at as well. By on topic I mean other peoples thoughts on personnel growth and development.

1) Soul Hiker hart driven success
2)Musings of the Chatty Dm Chasing the dream
3)The wake up cloud 121 ways to improve your life and be more awesome (honestly if you only click one link in this post make it this one)

I don't like telling people how they should feel but if you are anything like me this link will both impress and enrage you. It show that gender bias is still alive and well in the world to day.

Here is an amazing bit of art by way of self help daily. This is just something that needs to bee seen to be believed.

Being the gamer nerd we all know I am, I had to point you folks to this article about how MC Frontalot is quitting smoking with D&D.


Henri said...

Thanks for the Soul Hiker link, I haven't seen that one. And thanks a lot for the link to my site! It means a lot :)

Quinn said...

@ henri Your welcome it was a good post and people need to be aware of it.

Zengirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have great content here in short time you are blogging. Good links, I will check them out.

Quinn said...

@Zengirl thank you, enjoy the links

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