Friday, December 11, 2009

What I have been staring at this week

Here is a video of Virgin Galactic spaceship two. This is the first commercial spaceship ever made. While it will only be for suborbital flights it is still a significant step in mankind's journey to the stars.

Here are some interesting art images. It is amazing what can be done with paint water and a camera.

When I am stuck in a car or working on a project that does not take a lot of thought i like to try to imagine how other directors would treat major movies. This all started with the new star wars trilogy and trying to picture attack of the clones would be like if directed by Ang Lee. That said i am intrigued by this video of david lynch explaining why he turned down directing Retuern of the Jedi.

We talk a lot about accomplishing our goals here, so I thought I would share this story of some one chasing a dream with you. Christoph Rehage set out to walk from China to Germany and blog about his travels as often as possible. he did not make it as far as he wanted to but learned a lot about himself along the way. Here is a video he put together documenting some of the physical changes he went through.

And one more link that I just cam across courtesy of D20 Source and will only be interesting to my fellow gamers out there. Here is a list of all the edtions of Dungeons and Dragons with a bit of history on each.

Any way have a great weekend and I will be back Monday to share more thoughts about how to get your life to were you want it to be and rising up from the ashes of our defeats. If you have something you think i should be staring at leave me a link in the comments below.


Henri said...

The Virgin Galactic seems pretty cool. I look forward to flying in one of those, and hopefully during my lifetime in a spaceship that can go into space for a ride.

Have a good weekend!

Quinn said...

@Henri i am just looking forward to the time i can take a vacation on the moon. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me....but does this mean anything to you? from ashes, faith for fears, dancing for mourning, and peace for despair...? I also have good news for you - things work out! Janice Hayward

Quinn said...

@ janice It is not something I have heard before but it is truly beautiful and thank you for sharing ti with me.

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