Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Myths and symbols

Have you taped in to the power of your personnel mythology to transform your life? Does this question make me sound like a new age fruit cake? What the hell is personal mythology any way? Why is Quinn asking so many questions today? Why would I want to use personnel mythology in my life any way?

Personal mythology is simply the stories we tell our selves and the symbols that are important to us in our daily lives. We crate myths of why we are success full and why we fail. These myths are built of the excuses and the limiting factors that a lot of times hold us back as well as the fictions that help us succeed. The mythology also holds for us the symbols that represent success and achievement in our minds.

We can use our mythology in a number of ways first of all we need to debunk it, then we need to reinforce it and then we need to look for it.

Debunk and reinforce

These two go hand in hand as we find parts of our mythology that detract from our lives we must debunk them and throw them out. On the other hand we also need to reinforce the stories and ideas that help us to succeed. Let's look at some examples.

You are part of a team working hard on a difficult task and manage to not only get it completed but do it well. In this situation we might tell ourselves that the success was not real yours it was the teams we could have not done it alone.

This sort of myth devalues our selves, erodes confidence and downplays our contribution to the goal. We need to be thankful for the help others have given us but we need to recognize that we were a vital part of the team as well. This is debunking, removing the poisons parts of stories that hold us back.

Another example: You are working on a project and become stuck so you desired to take a shower and relax for a bit. While you are in the shower an idea comes to you that unlock the problem you were facing.

The mythology here is that the shower provides inspiration, while this may or may not be true we can reinforce this by repeating the situation when we get stuck. This creates an environment where we are prepared by our mythology to be receptive to inspiration.

These are just a few examples of how we can edit out our negative misconceptions and use the power of stories to create a fertile environment for success.


Even more powerful then the stories we tell ourselves is the symbol set we create in our lives. Symbols as we are talking about them here are objects, ideas, words, numbers, colors that we attach personnel meaning to. The power of symbols is that they cut to the very core of our being like a bolt of lightning. Part of the problem is when we are asked or ask ourselves what is my symbol set we often don't know.

For me a potent symbol is my engagement ring, I know when I am down I can look at it and it will remind me I am loved, but it does more. When I am in a hard place and not wanting it to go on it tells me that what I am doing is not just for me. And these are just a few of the associations I have with this simple band of mettle and bit of carbon.

This is the power of symbols they can pick us up when we are down. They can guide our cores, effecting our decision making process by guiding us toward positive symbols and away from negative ones. The problem with this is that it is a largely subconscious process; by taking time to understand our mythology and the symbols that it creates we can have a more conscious understanding for decision making process. We can also create spaces with our positive symbols to reminded us of our purpose and reenergize us when life gets rough.

So take the time to listen to the stories you tell yourself, edit them and use them. Taking control of this mythology will give you more control over your actions today and your mindset for the rest of your life. Understanding the symbols that guide you, energize you and drain the energy from you will likewise give you more control over that energy and help you to map the course of your life.

So do you still think I am talking like a new age fruit cake? Figured out why I am asking so many questions? (If you have let me know in the comments I have been trying to understand my propensity for leading with a question for a few weeks now). All right folks have a great day and if you find this interesting or helpful share it with your friends.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

I don't think you're a fruitcake at all. The problem with most people not understanding what you are talking about is that most people focus on what the eyes can see instead of what they can not. In other words, if the symbol isn't right in front of them, most can not see it.

Regardless of this fact, there is a reason for everything which occurs in life. The building a person passes during the day. The stranger one bumps into while getting on a bus. The name of the intersection one just passed.

So often, a person can focus on getting stuck in rush hour traffic and being angry over the driver who just cut them off in traffic.

However, those minutes one was angry, they might not have noticed the funny bumper sticker on the truck which read, "Old truckers never die, they just get a new peter built."

There are positive and negative symbols which surround each one of us throughout the day.

It is ultimately what a person chooses to see which affects their reaction to a given situation.

What most don't think about so much is what is right there in front of them if they could just learn to focus outside of the box.

Anonymous said...

this is getting more interesting as you go along.I wonder each morning what you'll say next.

Quinn said...

Shelly i think it is even more then what we choose to see, it is also what we see without noticing. The little details that we could not describe latter unless we were looking for them.

Quinn said...

Anonymous Some mornings i must admit i am as surprised as any one else what i choose to talk about.

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