Monday, February 22, 2010

The next leg

When I first started writing Up From The Ashes I started posting my goals for the week every Monday. Some recent reader feed back has suggested that I bring this back (you can also read this as a kick in the ass from my sister.) So here we go, every Monday I will post up my goals for the week and I encourage you to share your goals with me in the comments. Starting next week I will also post how well I did on the goals I set for myself. In the past I have called this series of posts the goal post which I like but feel is a self-indulgent pun, and called shots which is an RPG nerd reference that is also self-indulgent. What I am trying to say is I can't find a name I like for this feature so if you have suggestions don't hesitate. The current title refers to the fact that I look at my goals as the next leg of my journey, so I think I will stick to that for now.

Goals for the week of 2/22/10

  • Finishes rough draft of Faith paper for critical thinking class
  • Find five clients for coaching business
  • Work out 4 times in seven days
  • Start getting up earlier and going to bed earlier
  • Schedule and plan for new D&D game

So there are my goals, what are yours?


Cait said...

Since I was the one to give the kick in the ass I guess I'd better write up my goals!

Increase my short runs from two to three miles and do two short and one long (5 miles currently) this week

finish my reports and billing before Friday

do all my chores for a third week in a row

stick to whole foods 5/7 days

that should keep me busy, and I'll see you when we call the shots!

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