Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The goal not the process

Trent sits on top of his litter box trying to remove the air filter. He works at is it with obsessive determination, pulling clawing and shoving but it does not move. This is not something he does once in a while but maybe a few times a day. He will work at it for ten minutes then give up. An hour later he is trying again. His determination is good but his instance on approach is the problem: the filter is removed from inside the litter box not the top.

Now it may be easy to say Trent is a cat, and a young cat at that but we are like him more often then we think. We try to do something that does not work and we do it over and over again hoping this time it will work. We think that maybe it is our skill that is the problem and we never suspect our strategy.

We need to commit to an outcome not a strategy and when a strategy does not work let it go and try another.

Editing project: Update: dreams are on our minds


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