Friday, August 13, 2010

Capitalizing on Capitalization

I have noticed something lately that I do that really bugs me. I do not capitalize my own name when typing or the letter I when referring to myself. What I have been wondering is if this has anything to do with my subconscious self image. Maybe one some level I do not feel I deserve the capital letters. I am not a very assertive person by nature, I can be when it is necessary but it always takes a social push or environmental stimulus for me to get what I want. I think these two issues are tied together I do not fight for the things I want because like the capitalizations of my self references I do not think I deserve to have what I want.

I am going to try an experiment. I am going to train myself to capitalize the letter I and my name every time I write them. The idea is that if become conferrable with asserting myself in the course of a sentence then it may become easier to assert myself in other areas of my life. By doing this I am making a statement to myself that I matter, that I am important and that I deserve to have things I want.

Editing Project: Setting aside your doubts


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