Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Updates on the Quinn

Today we are going to take a quick break from all this talk of getting started to bring a quick update on what has been going on with me. The last several weeks have brought some changes to my life. I have found work, counter help at a deli, it is only one day a week but it is money coming in witch is nice. The job is not hard but it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to have my own source of income once again.

The other big change is fall semester ahs started at school and I am now working on the school newspaper staff. I have been assigned a column on cool new technology for students. It should be fun to write but I only get 450 words and issue so I will have to contain myself. One thing I think I underestimated is the amount of editing I will have to do for this class. Every article we put in the paper is edited by three people plus the author and every member of the staff pitches in with the editing. This is going to make the editing project look like a warm up. I am excited to think what all this editing is going to do for my writing style.

I have one other journalism related course this semester, the magazine class. This will deal with writing articles and submitting them to magazines as well as how to write a query letter. This is really the next step for me and probably the best way to start seeing income from my writing. The query letter process has always scared me but I feel having an education in the proper way to structure one will be a big help.

The rest of my cores load is filled with history of the U.S. through the civil war and economics 1A. Both of these classes are not anything I am too excited about, however the teachers both seem somewhat interesting so I have some hope for enjoying them. While they are not exiting they are some of the last classes I need to be ready to transfer next fall.

The knowledge that after almost a year of work and ten months of blogging I am still on track, on mission and making progress is a great feeling. Every day I am working towards my goals, not every day is progress made but the work is done and the progress does happen.

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