Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Monday Morning Randomness

There are a few unrelated random notes and announcements rattling around my head this morning that I thought I would share with everyone.

The big news: For those of you not in the know one of my goals of late has been to find work once more. Since I left the insurance business I have been job hunting with no success; that is until earlier this week. I found a job working in a deli 1 day a week but if this works out I will be getting more shifts at another location. It may not be much of a job but the mental impact of knowing I am working again is huge.

Summer semester is over: My course work for the summer is over and I have a little bit of a break before school starts up again. My scores this semester were a mixed bag and I doubt that I will be doing the online courses again.

Thoughts on the editing project: My old posts do not contain pictures and every time I work on editing one of them I wonder if I should start adding photos. What do you people think? Photos on the old posts or leave them photoless like they were when I first posted them?

mGSD: Last week I did a brief write up on mGSD and I mentioned that the real key is whether or not I keep using it. No matter how good the product if you do not use it then it is worthless to you. I am happy to say that a week latter I am still using mGSD and finding new ways to be more efficient with it. We will now see if I can keep up with it for another week.

State of the blog: Some were in the last two weeks I passed the 200th post mark without any fanfare. Some days it can be like pulling teeth to find things to talk about and others it feels as if I am just hitting my stride. That said I have been lax in trying to promote the blog so readership has fallen off. So I am asking if you like a post share it with your friends or if you want to help go find a post you really like and share it on Facebook or twitter today. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.

Editing Project: The path of our journey: Goals


Mark said...

Good that your working, that is big news. As far as going back and adding photos, photos do add to the post, however if the hit rate is low on those posts I probably would not spend my time adding photos to the old posts.

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