Thursday, June 9, 2011

Failures are a Tool

A good friend of mine told me once “I don’t read your blog because it’s depressing.” While I could see where he was coming from I would still have to disagree.

The things I talk about doing - being honest with ourselves, holding ourselves accountable for our problems and admitting we are not perfect are not always easy. What I do find depressing is watching people make the same mistakes again and again. When we are unwilling to change the way we think or act but are not happy with the life we are living, that is depressing.

Hard work is not fun, if it was it would be hard play, but it is worth the rewards. We have to be willing to work to grow, to recognize where there is a need for growth, and to be honest about that with ourselves. We also have to be willing to admit when we are not doing as well as we would like. These admissions should not be seen as pot holes but instead as guard rails. As we come close to hitting them we can correct our course and find our way to where we want to be.


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