Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Better

It is time to address the weak points in my professional life, at least as I see them. I want to become a better interviewer and better profile writer. There is only one way I know to get better at anything and that is a simple mix of study and practice.

To become good at anything you have to be able to know what good looks like. For me this means reading more good profile pieces. As I look at them it needs to be more than just reading them, I have to dig in and see what the author did and think about the questions he or she has asked to get the story

The other side of the equation is practice, and this means doing interviews even if there is no story involved, and writing profiles when no one else will see them. If I can sell them all the better but what is important right now is the doing.

To move forward we must always be sharpening our skills. With that in mind what are you going to study and practice this weekend?


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