Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Updates From the New Site

So this week brings a big push to getting the new site up and running. Playing with themes and getting Wordpress set up has been more of a learning curve than I expected but I think I am getting the hang of it.

As I have been building the site the focus has shifted. Unlike Up From The Ashes which has been about my personnel growth and the insights and thoughts it has spurred in me The Mighty Us will focus more on building community and how strong communities come from strong people.

Personal growth will still be an aspect of the publication but not its sole focus. I say publication because I am not sure how to define the site I am envisioning. The Mighty Us will have multiple writers all with backgrounds in journalism. It will have some level of editorial overview. In these ways it is more than a blog. However I do not really like the term magazine for a solely digital product. And digital magazine feels like a cop out.

I also I have come to the conclusion that I should be striving to pay my writers. While they are mostly young, they are solid writers and they know their craft. They are more then capable of providing content that is worth paying for.

To do this I will be turning to KickStart to raise capital. KickStart is a crowd sourced funding solution for creative endeavors, including publishing. Any help people could give will be greatly appreciated. I hope to have the KickStart page up and ready to go by Monday. I am hoping to generate $10,000 which would cover my operating budget for the first six months giving me time to secure advertisers and still be able to pay my writers, web host and myself.

I am also looking for input on the mission statement for The Mighty Us:

The mission of The Mighty Us is to help provide tools, inspiration and information to help build communities through personal growth and understanding.


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