Friday, June 10, 2011

Go Get 'Em

The more I try to do the “luckier” I become. Every extra task or ambition I actively put energy into the more opportunities present themselves.

There is nothing we can do that beats taking action to change our situation. Planning is good but without action those plans are nothing more then waste paper. All the efforts all the energy to create the perfect plan will get us no where if we do not put it into action.

To actually start doing, we have to set aside many things, our fear, a desire for perfection, and the belief that we will fail. When we start, things will go wrong, our plans will have flaws and we will only do as well as we are able to. However, if we let any of that stop us the opportunities that will arise will never even be known.

Take last night as an example. I was tired, I had been working on a video slide show story all day and had been plagued with technical difficulties. I had agreed to attend an awards presentation and reception for the local bicycle coalition but I was not even sure there was a story I could sell there.

The bottom line was I did not want to go, I wanted to go home and just relax. Instead I went, I put out the effort and discovered something amazing. The reception was hosted at the share exchange, a nonprofit group looking to build community green businesses. One of the features they offer is a membership based shared workspace.

Talking to to Kelly, the person in charge, I found a lot of their values are in line with what I want to do at The Mighty Us. So a bit of effort has led me not only to multiple story ideas but also to a cheap affordable office space for my latest venture.

In the end when we begin a journey we do not know where the roads will take us, where the detours will be or even where we will arrive at the end. But without starting and taking all those side paths we will never even get out the front door.


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