Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask the Right Questions

Problem solving does not begin with finding the answers. It begins with knowing the right questions to ask.

Asking the correct questions allows us to define not only the problem but the results we actually want. With this knowledge we can work toward solutions that are not just adequate but productive.

The right questions start out general and slowly become more specific.

The most important questions are: “What is the problem?” and “What is the outcome I am looking for?”

These questions help us to define where we are and where we want to be. As we answer them we can start to ask more specific questions about how to find a path between the two. The process of bridging this gap needs to be creative both in the sense of thinking creatively and also in the sense of not being destructive.

When it comes time to solve problems, tensions can be high and we can be stressed out. The problem solving process should not be about assigning blame, other than as needed to find solutions.


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