Thursday, August 25, 2011


Let us take today to create hope. Hope is a powerful force we can harness to build confidence, to motivate ourselves and to guide us from the darkness.

Hope is more then just the wish that something will happen. It is the strength to push forward, it is the fuel that can make things change. Hope comes from believing that things will get better and knowing we can be part of the change.

Hope starts with a dream, an idea of what we want. At this point it is just a distant star. A far away thing. This sort of hope is just a distraction, a fleeting moment of maybe. To sustain hope and make it an effective force we need to plan and set goals to realize that dream.

A prisoner who sits by the window of his cell staring over the fence at freedom has longing, not hope. The prisoner who works with his lawyer each day and plans his defense has hope.

Create hope. Stop longing.


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