Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being Thorough

Follow through, it is almost as important as starting for getting a job done. Once we begin a project or take on a responsibility we have to make sure we do the work from beginning to end.

This also leaves out things like half assing a project and saying it is good enough. Anything we agree to do we need to understand we are not just responsible for getting it done, we have to get it done well and on time.

Having good follow through requires a few things. The first is not to overburden ourselves with too much to do. Knowing our limits is important. Second we have to be aware of the tasks associated with what we have agreed to do. We have to be aware of all the steps, make sure they are accomplished and done well. Lastly we have to put effort into the entirety of the project not just the beginning.

All this boils down to one idea, be thorough.


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