Monday, August 15, 2011

Ignorance is a Resource

When we need advice we tend to look for an expert in an area. We look for someone who has been there. The same is true when people come to us for advice. We tend to demure when we do not feel qualified to give an answer.

Experts are a good place to start, but it can also be productive to talk to those who are ignorant, especially when we have some level of skill in the area we are struggling with. The advantage of talking to the ignorant is they are not aware of the field's presumed limitations.

While a person ignorant in the area we are working may not be able to teach us a new skill, they may help us question the limits we assume are stopping us. They also bring fresh eyes and a new point of view.

Searching out the experts will help us learn how everyone else is doing something. Talking to the ignorant can help us find our own way.


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