Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: lazy meter

Over the weekend I started using a new (read yet another) on line todo list tool. This one is much simpler then some of the other ones I have played with over the years. Lazy Meter simply shows you the things you want to get done today and lets you cross them off the list as you finish them or push them to another day.

The interface is clean and intuitive. The buttons are styled like a media player with the familiar play, pause and stop buttons as the major controls. Clicking the play button takes you to your to-do list for today. Pause is upcoming events and stop is for unscheduled items.

The real advantage of Lazy Meter is the play bar at the top of the screen. This tracks how many tasks you have completed so far, shown in green, and how many you have paused, turning part of the bar orange. After only a few days of using it I find the motivation to keep the bar a solid green is quite a good incentive for not procrastinating on a task I have assigned myself.

To-do lists should do more then organize our productivity they should motivate our work. This one does both.


Aaron said...

Thanks for trying LazyMeter, and for the wonderful review! Aaron, LazyMeter Co-Founder

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