Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Into the Light

When we look at the night sky we are looking at the stars not the black void of space. When darkness and night come into our lives in a more metaphorical sense, why is it we can't react the same way? Look for the points of light . Don't get lost in the inky void of sorrow.

We tend to see what we look for in life. This is a tool we can use to change our mood and our expectations. When things go bad there are two things we can look for. We can look for the next crisis, the next place things can go wrong, or we can look for the next point of light.

Looking for where things might go wrong is a strategy that can keep us from sliding further into a hole. However, that is all it does. When all we are doing is hanging on to our position, the chance of things getting better diminishes. Think of it like being on the edge of a sinkhole. As the erosion continues we keep taking a step back. Sure we do not fall into the hole, but we never get farther from the edge either. The danger of falling is always there and always will be.

When the night closes in on our lives we need to look for the stars. Those points of light, the things that are still good, the things that grief and sorrow have not touched, that's where we need to focus to drag ourselves out of the shadowns. When the sinkhole swallows our house we need not to stare at the ruins but find new ground to build on.


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