Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notes from the editing project

I have been working on the editing project for over a month now and I have noticed something: as I come to the end of a new post I dread looking for that day's piece to edit. Then I find myself starting to come up with excuses for skipping the editing project. However as the excuses begin to form in my brain I shut them down and start sifting through the old posts and beginning to edit. What gives me the most satisfaction is knowing that despite my wanting to find excuses I still do the editing. This is an unexpected bonus.

The editing project has paid off in other ways as well. I have become much more aware of things like word choice and writing for clarity. It has also helped me with my work on the Oak Leaf. We spend more time editing then writing stories. Without the editing project already underway I think I would have felt much more insecure about my ability to copy edit for others in the class.

It is nice to see some of the principals I talk about here in action in my own life. The greater confidence that comes from achieving goals, pushing through even when I don't want to is also helping me to be rewarded and giving me a stronger sense of accomplishment then I expected.

The lesson here is that if the outcome is what we want the rewards are worth it even if the tasks that bring us to our goal are not pleasant for us.

Editing project: Random sources of inspiration


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