Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Filler

There are times each and every day where we feel we are just filling time, waiting for the next important thing to happen. While it is true that some events, actions or projects might have more impact on the course of our lives than others,we also need to live like there are no filler activities.

This does not mean we should never find ourselves "just" doing one thing or another, instead we should learn to value the in-between times as much as we do the action times. This means giving our attention over to the moment at all times. Because we are only sitting and watching TV with friends does not mean we should let our minds wander. We should be in the moment enjoying time with friends.

This is not to say that having time to let our minds wander is wrong, but it should be the purpose of the activity not a misuse of it. When we allow our minds to wander off we should be in the moment as much as possible, and keep some small mental space open and aware of where we're drifting.

At the end of our lives we will not get back the moments we have spent killing time or waiting. We should make the most of every moment while we can. There is no filler.

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