Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do don’t want

Wanting to have something is not enough to make it happen even though some people will tell you otherwise. It is a nice fantasy that if we want something enough we will get it. We will not get what we want without work. There is no force in the universe that will build a bridge between what we want and what we have and make them one and the same. We need to do the ground work and prepare our lives for the things we want to arrive in the way we want.

We do need to be realistic in this. We may want a million dollars and we can lay the ground work to get it, play the lottery for example but successes this way is not very realistic. Instead we need to do the hard work, learn to save and learn to make our money work for us. This is just one example. If we want to get in the habit of exercising every day we need to make the time, go to the place where we exercise, be it gym, front room or park.

If we are willing to take the first steps we will never see results, if all we do is sit at home and want to lose weight we are more likely to grab a bucket of fried chicken out of boredom then to have the pounds suddenly fall off our bodies. So what is it you want? Make a list. Now what can you do to today to make those things happen? Make a list. Which items on that list are too hard in comparison to the returns you get for doing them? Cross them off. Pick to and start doing. We have time in our lives to have the things we want and we deserve to have the things we want.

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