Friday, September 3, 2010

Your success is not the same as mine.

This is my definition of a successful life: have fun and share that fun with others, learn and share that learning with others and to contribute to the ongoing human experience in a positive manor. If I can do all this then I feel I am doing something right. Living successfully is something you can only do on your own terms. Sometimes these terms will be in line with major social values, being a good consumer, a good husband or mother and so on. Other times it comes from a rejection of social norms. Seeking the spiritual over the material, choosing to be single over getting married or choosing to speak up and say society you are wrong in how you treat this group or that group. Most of us will find that success is a balance of the socially expectable and the socially radical and this is how it should be.

To find our definition of success we have to listen to our selves and be able to tune out the constant bombardment of society created definitions of success. These definitions are delivered to us each and every day through advertising, media and peer pressure. Our friends want us to succeed and that is good but they do not always know what we want or how we define our successes. The only way they will know is if we share with them what we want, if we are clear about what we are trying to accomplish in our life then the can help us or not as they see fit. Maybe or definition of success is far from theirs and they may take some convincing that this is the right path for us. Just as we hope that they will respect our definition of success so should we respect theirs and encourage the pursuit of it.

I hope you will take this long weekend and try to understand how you define success and start working towards that.

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