Thursday, January 14, 2010

The broken pattern and perseverance

First off today a bit of personal news. i have started a second blog related to my favorite hobby: gaming. This cam about because a number of my friends who have tried to read this blog could not get exited about personal growth (this stuff is only interesting if you are doing ti or working up the courage to do it But if you are it is fascinating) but were interested in my thoughts on the subject of gaming. So if you have an interest in the hobby go take a look at the GM's study.

Keeping the gaming theme alive I have a story about perseverance that comes from the gaming table. This story comes again from the amber diceless rpg, first a little bit of background on the game we were in, then the story of Corry and the broken pattern. The game is set in the world of Rodger Zalazneys Amber Chronicles; here is brief explanation from wikipdiea:
In the Amber stories, Amber is the only true world; all others, including our Earth, are but "shadows" of the tension between it and Chaos. A second world, the Courts of Chaos, is situated in Shadow at the very edge of Chaos itself. Royals of Amber who have negotiated the Pattern, can freely travel through the shadows. By shifting between shadows, one can appear to alter reality by simply choosing which elements of which shadows to keep, and which to switch between.
In the game you play one of these Royals of amber or the courts as you via for power and position among your peers.

The pattern is the source of all power for the Amberights, once they walk the pattern (a grueling and potentially deadly task) they are free to travel through shadows. However it is possible for other false or lesser patterns to be created an event that would be disruptive to reality remaking it in the image of the one who rebuilt the pattern.

Corry's character in the game came upon one of these lesser patterns, worse yet an incomplete and broken pattern. To walk it might bring him power but the energy of it was unbounded and could kill him still he set foot on it and began to walk. The game master described how he became nauseous. all Corry said is "I press on" A few steps farther in the game master told him it was like waling through a wall of molten lead. "I press on" was the response. Next he was told he could feel his bones begin to break from the effort and still he said "I press on".

Now the game master hand not meant for anyone to walk this pattern but was moved and inspired by Corry's perseverance. a tornado of light descended on him whisking him away from the pattern and dumping him were he needed to be. Not were he wanted to be but were he should be.

Since that game session when things get tough my friends and I will still call out "I press on" It has become a symbol for us of perseverance, the willingness to suffer for worthwhile results. I press on is a place I can draw strength from when I need it as well as a smile and a laugh in tough times.

What symbols do you use to motivate yourself? As always have a great day and fallow the feed.


Anonymous said...

Great job Quinn!!! final got a moment to catch up on the blog. Keep up the great work!

Quinn said...

Thank for the support

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh,....I know Amber...I know the Chronicles of Amber...omg - no one knows about the Chronicles of Amber anymore except me and my two kids. get there in the first place by imagining and "remembering" ir and walking the labyrinth. OK - you are ok for all time, Q. Janice, your mom's friend from VISTA,

Anonymous said...

Q - you are writing some lovely stuff. The risk and danger of broken patterns...that Zelasny. You've read his "Creatures of Light and Darkness?" series and "The Lord of Light" series? Does anyone still write fantasy like that? Sorry....I do go on. janicehayward

Quinn said...

Hi Janice no I have not read the lord of light series but I will hunt it up in the next few days I am looking for a some new reading matrial. My favorite Zelasny novel is last exit to Babylon, i would highly recommend it. I can't think of any one writing to day who captures the same quality as Zelazny but I would recommend Steven Brust if you have not already read him

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