Thursday, January 28, 2010

The beauty of a moment

The other day I was walking across campus in the rain and I saw a young woman knelling at a puddle prodding the surface with a pen. The moment held my eye and trapped my mind I thought is she on drugs, I thought is she playing with the puddle (which is something I can see myself doing). As I walked she continued to work and worry at the surface of the puddle, then she rose, pen held out before her and it hit me: all her work and effort had been to save a worm from drowning. She did not care about how she looked, she did not care that she was getting wet to her in that moment that worms life was worth that suffering. It was an act of selfless companion for someone that could not understand what was happening. It was a moment of beauty, a lesson on living and a reminder that all life has value.

We need cherish these moments' in our lives every day. We have to open ourselves to them. When we want to improve who we can spend so much time focusing on our internal process that we can miss the lessons that come from outside, from out of the blue. These impromptu moments of inspiration and opportunities for grater incite in to ourselves in to the nature of this world and our relationship to it are at the heart of what we are trying to accomplish in the process of personnel development. Recognizing these moments and allowing the time to enjoy their beauty and there teaching is both a reward and instrument of personal growth.


Patty - Why Not Start Now? said...

Beautiful story, Quinn, and much wisdom you've shared. My husband has a proclivity for saving worms, so it brought a smile to my face for that reason too.

Quinn said...

Thanks Patty, all week the memory of it has been bringing a smile.

suZen said...

Hi Quinn! What an amazing bit of insight from that woman and the worm! How beautiful is HER heart? Wow. You're right, we all need to wake up a bit and realize that WE are the "somebody" who should. You know what I'm saying? Everyone says well somebody should do that somebody.

Thanks for the lovely story, Quinn. Have a beautiful weekend!

Quinn said...

Hugs back to you suZen, we do need to be the ones who do. I think that is a basic calling in our harts and souls that gets muted by the baggage of day to day life.

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