Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ask Questions

"The willingness to ask questions is a sign of courage not a sign of confusion" Steven Bernstine

Weather we are confused, lost, feeling complacent or in the proses of making a decisions one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is the ability to question. However we are encultured, especially the guys in the audience, to not ask questions, it is viewed as a sign of weakens, of low intelligence and discontent.

Remember this: No great change has come from some one who is satisfied with the way things are. If we are afraid to ask our selvs and our leaders hard questions we will get the life and leadership we re given. If insted we put our hand in the air and ask why do I do this? Is what we are doing the right thing to do? Does this realy solve the problem? Who am I? we open up the posbility to recive the leadership and life we create.

Asking questions makes us responsible for finding the answer weather it comes from inside us or we find an outside source. Because of this it is important that we ask the right questions in the first place. When we craft a questions we need to make sure that the answer will be useful, practical, and understandable.

If the answer to a question will not produce results or impact us in some way what is the point of asking?

If the answer to a question can not be applied to the situation at hand, weather it is a good idea or to, how can it help us to make the world a place we want to live in?

If the answer to a question is beyond your comprehension how can it impact your life?

So today I challenge you to get out there ask questions that matter, of you self and of others. Listen to the answers and use them to make changes in the world around you and the world inside you. Be bold, be cognoscente and be vocal. If you have thoughts on this let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow the feed.


Erin said...

Solid advice. Nice post.

Quinn said...

Thanks Erin

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