Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The world is full of mirrors.

We spend time every day looking in the mirrior making sure we look good, haven't gained wait or if you are like me making sure you havent spilled something on yourself. We need to take time every day to do the same thing for our mental state as well. The reflective surface we use is other people, ther actions, opinions and there attitude towards us. So lets take a look at how to check our selves out.

Personality mirrors: We interpret the actions of others through our own personality so whether people annoy us or do something that makes us happy we are seeing a reflection of our selves. We try to understand there motivations based on what would motivate us to act that way.

The mirror of expectation: I have talked about this one before but it is worth revisiting. We act the way people expect us to. By living up to our commitments and fallowing through on our promises we create a higher standard for our selves and the subconscious desire to clear that bar.

Active mirrors: Some times a quick glance is not enough to get the full view out of a mirror and the same is true for other people. It is good to have people you trust who you can sit down with and ask do you think this is a good fit for me. A good friend will see qualities in our selves that we miss or ignore or do not find to be all that important. A good friend will also be willing to tell us the truth even when it is not what we want to hear. Do not be afraid to ask for other peoples options but do not get mad at there honesty, anger like that is a defense mechanism that keeps us from listing to what we need to hear.

The other advantage to thinking about how other people think about us, is that we start to think about others as more then just the roles they fill in our lives. We start to think about who they are as people and the life they lead. this begins to happen with casual acquaintances and the people who help us in stores when we are shopping. As there lives become more clear and real to us it is harder to be prejudices or stereotypical in our views of them.

So get out there and see your self in others and see others in your self. Be honest with your self and open yourself up to honesty of others. Have a great day and remember to be beutiful inside and out.


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