Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The personal compass Part 2: Commitments

We have already talked about the first point of the personal compass, values and now it is time to move on to the second: Commitments. Every day we make commitments to ourselves and to others; add to this the backlog of commitments we have built up over our lifetimes and it is easy to see why we never get anything done. However before we can start weeding out commitments we must understand there importance.

The question is how do commitments guide us in our journey to where we want our lives to be. The first part of the answer is simple enough keeping up with our commitments builds integrity and trust in those around us. Doing the things we say we will, when we say we will, helps to define us in the eyes of those we interact with. This is impotent because everyone we meet is a mirror of ourselves. By that I mean they are an opportunity for us to see ourselves as they see us. This will lead us living in accordance with their expectations. This is not something that happens consciously but on the subconscious level. So what can we do to use this process to our advantage?

We must make commitments that we can follow through on and do so with a clear conscious. To do this we must bring the commitment in line with our values and with our capabilities. At the same time once a commitment is made it is important to approach it with the proper attitude. When we agree or offer to do something for someone else we must do it of our own free will and not grumble about the task. A bad attitude towards a commitment will just create a negative reflection in the mirrors around us and that will infect our own personality.

So look at the commitments you have in front of you which ones can you relay fallow through on and which ones are out of line with the person you want to be? If some of them are too far out of line with where you want to be you may have to let people know that you can no longer do what you said you would. That said whenever possible honor your commitments and when you can't face the person and tell them up front why you cannot.


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