Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lessons learned from Google wave

Before I start let me confess, I am a big geek. I love technology, being on the cutting edge and role playing games so when I got a Google Wave (if you don't know what wave is Lifehacker has a good article here) invite I was quite exited. The first thing I did was try to find other gamers to talk with and play games with in this new online environment. This experience ahs reminded me of an important truth that is relevant to every area of my life:

If all you do is talk about doing something and nerve start you will always fail.

In the last two weeks I have seen many good ideas and projects suggested and then talked to death. Then I have seen individuals decided "I am going to do this" and create some amazing things. These are the people who are changing the face of gaming on the wave or maybe I should say creating it.

The lesson for us here is that if you do not act all the personal cartography will do you no good. If you are just standing in one place a map is just a pretty picture.


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