Monday, November 16, 2009

A small victory

I want to share a success story with you from my life.

Last Tuesday a friend of mine gave me a seven day pass to the gym where he works out. Tuesday to Saturday we went in and did our cardio and weight training together. Each time it was him suggesting that we go while I desperately looked for an excuse to just stay home. Sunday rolls around and he is too busy to go but suggests I go anyway. Now the old Quinn would have taken the opportunity to sit at home and play video games or watch TV (the remake of the prisoner was premiering which normally would have been enough to keep me glued to the couch), but instead I thought about how proud I would be of myself if I went. I got dressed, drove to the gym and did my work out by myself.

It may not sound like much but and it isn't when you look at the big picture. However it is a small victory for me and proof that I can change. It is one more brick for my foundation of success.

On a related note I have completed my week without soda and am going to renew that commitment. I even managed to survive a trip out for fast found on Saturday night by getting iced tea with my value meal. Successes is possible go out there and make it happen.

Have you had any small victories this past week? Share them in the comments below.


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