Monday, November 23, 2009

The goal post

As I promised on Friday here is the first installment of the Monday goal run down. I know the name is a horrible pun and feel very self indulgent for going with it but some times self indulgence is necessary. I promises I will find a better title next week.

Last weeks goals
  • Cut out soda: this one when well another week without soda and I am not really missing it, I feel very good about this.
  • A post a day during the week: I accomplished this one as well and manged to squeeze in one extra
This weeks goals
  • Keep up with the posting schedule, 7 posts this week.
  • Start writing a new short story.
  • be open and honest with those I love.
  • Go another week with out soda(once I hit the month without soda free i will drop this as weekly goal and move it to a monthly schedule)
  • come up with a new title for this feature
  • create a new look for the sight

So what about you did you do your homework and come up with some goals for the week? If so share them in the comments and good luck with them, I know you can do it.


Patty - Why Not Start Now? said...

Hi Quinn - Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate it. You have quite a list of worthy goals going for you right now. Wishing you the best with that.

Dave Lucas said...

Good luck with your goals! Stop by My blog and say hello, won't you?

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