Friday, November 27, 2009

Seeing improvement

We have talked a lot about passions this week and how we can use them to influence ourselves in situations that we find boring. We have talked about how to find our passion and how to use it to guide ourselves to the place we wish to be in life. I have noticed a change in some of my passions since I started my journey of conscious self improvement.

On thing I have always loved is the written word. Well to be honest it has always been a love hate relationship. Being dyslexic things like spelling have always been difficult for me, on the other hand books have been my constant companion since childhood. One of my dreams when I was younger was to be a published author and I have chased that dream on more than one occasion.

While I have always been praised by parents and teachers for the stories I have concocted I have never really taken the process of writing seriously. That has changed since I started writing the blog on a daily basis. I find myself more critical of my own work and more emotionally involved in the editing process. Before it was enough to get the idea from my brain to the paper while fine tuning the product was dull. I think a part of the change in my attitude is a growing sense of pride in what I am doing.

That growing sense of pride is something I want to hold on to and help develop into a more confident nature. I also am happy to note that I have begun to hold myself to a higher standard. The point of all this is that change is possible and subtle. You may not see it as it is happening but it is there. Take some time this weekend to look back on who you were a month ago and who you are today.


Anonymous said...

The will is a very real force and by developing it you can change your brain chemistry.

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