Monday, January 11, 2010

lessons from a hectic morning

So here it is my first day back to school and I don't have all the time I thought I would. Lost keys, late buses and a long honey do list have conspired to make the morning hectic. So what can I take away from this to make tomorrow go smoother. here are some of my ideas, if you have any tricks for getting over or through a hectic morning I am open to suggestions.

Make time for coffee: Really this is more then just giving our selves enough time to hit up Starbucks, we need to make sure we account for all the time we need to get ready in a realistic an honest fashion and then make sure we have that time.

Use the Scotty principal: This goes hand in hand with make time for coffee in that it focuses on the scheduling side of the problem. In Star Trek Captain Kirk would always need Scotty to fix something, when he asked how long it would take Scotty would tell him some number of hours and Kirk Would demand he have it done in half the time. Some how Scotty would manage to do it, was this because he was a bad ass or because he built the extra time in to his schedule in case he needed it. We will never know but we can take this lesson from him give your self enough time to get things done then give yourself a little more just in case you need it.

Forgive before they apologize: It is a fact of life in my household that we get snappy when we get tense. When we are dealing with loved ones and they get short with us we know they don;t mean it and that most likely they will apologies latter. When time is short don't wast it getting grumpy about how you are being treated this wastes time and energy and focus. Instead just let it go for give them and move on with what needs to get done.

There are probably a few more lessons I can take from this morning but since I am still under the gun to get things done I better not spend to much more time pondering and just get back to doing. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome in the comments, if you like what you see do not fogret to fallow the feed and as always have a wonderful day.


Mark said...

Some good lessons for a hectic morning. Mornings are about giving yourself enough time and a little more and about keeping a good attitude. Time is key, also it is important to keep to the morning tasks and not get distracted by things that could wait until you get home at night. Hope your day is better now.

Quinn said...

Thanks for stopping by Mark. The day is going well so far, everything is getting done in it's own time.

Patty - Why Not Start Now? said...

Hi Quinn - I love the Scotty principle. That made me laugh. I think he was probably both a bad ass AND tremendously wise, and did indeed overestimate the time needed to do something. Personally I often find myself needing twice as much time as I think I will. BTW, big congrats on your first day back at school. That's quite a milestone.

Quinn said...

Hi Patty glad I could bring a bit of laughter this morning. The first day of school went well and turned out to be very productive which was nice. Tanks for the congratulations.

Anshu said...

Hi Quinn,

Your scotty principle is really good and it would work very well when one can decide realistically how much time is required. The easiest thing is however is to start by getting up half hour early.. see for a day or two.. if it doesn't work then get up a bit more early. you find your correct time required in just few days.

Quinn said...

Hi Anshu, it is so true that just allowing more time is a simple solution to a hectic morning. what has been working for us is being more organized the night before. If we know were to find our keys we don't have to wast time looking for them. If our books are already packed and ready to go there is more time to get coffee.

Anshu said...

Yes.. that is absolutely right!! I should try doing it.

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