Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts on back to school

Well I am now one week in to my first semester back to school and I think things are going good. There have been some stry observations that have croped up in my time there this week that I think bear some descution.

The learning proses is transformitve

The proses of learning anything new changes us. When we have the new skill or knolage we become incapable of looking at the world the way we did before. Every bit of knolage we gain changes the context of the next bit of knowledge we gain.

What effect will a new bit of education have on us and how it will change us we never know exactly until we have experienced it and by then it is to late to unlearn it. We can only be observers to this change in our selves and then after it has happened mitigate it or nurture it whether we feel it to be positive or not.

I can resist the urge to doodle.

I have always been a doodler, when i am sitting in class and some one puts a pen in my hand I will scribble abstract designs or swords or space ships or trees all over my notes. This semester I have vowed to stop doodling in class and I have found my self more focused and my notes more legible. This has taken a greater amount of will power then my battle to give up soda but I think in the long run it will be just as beneficial.

This has lead me to think about what other habits I have that diminish my productivity. I know there are at least a few others I could takle once I identify them.
I am a better personae when I am busy

When I have a lot to do i find i am not just less wasetfull of my time but more asertive about what i want and need to get done. For a while i have tried to maintain a task lits to keep my self on track but since nothing has been all that pressing in the last few months I let things slide, I show up to game unprepaired, spend to much time on video games when I should be working on progects and in genral dily dally. Now that I am back in a world with deadlines I find my self not only finding more things I want to be doing but also finding more time to do them.

In addition to the time management issue I feel more confident, I am sure some of this comes from doing something productive and creative for my self as well as realizing some small victories in the past week. As I have said in the past confidence builds upon confidence, successes upon successes so all I can see for my self at the moment are good things. I must remember not to let this ambition and optimism blind me to the dangers and pitfalls that are out there.

For those of you who are interested I have some really interesting professors who are provoking a number of interesting thoughts about religion and how we communicate as well as how we look at our selves and others. I am sure some of these ideas will spill out here, for example my speech teacher is all about confidence and I am hoping to get a chance to interview him on the topic so as to share his view point with all you good folks who visit me each day. Have a good safe weekend and a beautiful day.


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