Monday, October 18, 2010

Live A Little

Life Lessons: Everything is better on the Panini grill with butter.

The real lesson here is that sometime we need to make room for excess. If we are constantly trying to limit the things we want, we squander out willpower and deny ourselves the opportunity to revel in all the world has to offer. We need to allow ourselves time to relax and time to enjoy living.

The problem with excess is knowing when it is ok to indulge. Indulgences need to come where they will not detrimentally affect our work of becoming the person we want to be. If we are trying to change our diet we should not be indulging in food, but indulging in something else that excites us. And we cannot indulge constantly for then it loses the power to motivate us, to exite us and to bring the joy that is the advantage of indulgence.

This joy is the reason we need to indulge in moderation. Go ahead, take the chance to do something different, to shake things up and make yourself smile, but don't do it all the time. To have those special times, we need to continue the work of change and keep it the focus of every day. When we allow ourselves to indulge it should be intentional so as not to create guilt. Then it is something we are allowing ourselves because life should be fun, life should exiting and, by indulging sometimes, we can make that happen.


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