Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As we make the journey from where we are to where we want to be we will inevitably encounter turbulence. This turbulence comes from two sources, internal and external. The external turbulence is the stress that comes from outside us: friends who do not understand, financial pressures, or finding the time we need in our already hectic lives. The internal turbulence comes from stress and worry about whether we are doing the right thing, the feelings of displacement as we move and give things up, or the moments of self doubt when we question if we are doing the right thing.

The internal turbulence is usually the worst at the beginning of the process of change. The questions hit us harder and faster in the beginning: Is this right? Can I do this? Do I deserve to have what I want? These are seas we just have to weather, storms we cannot go around but must go through. As we deal with these emotional storms our conviction in our chosen path grows and our confidence in our own ability increases.

The external turbulence can come from out of the blue pounding our craft and driving us onto reefs with nothing more than a moment's notice. These turbulences we can act against and react too. We can try to sail around them by making new plans and modifying our actions, or if they seem to be small squalls that will pass in time, we can push through.

Whether it is internal or external any turbulence we overcome gives us an opportunity to grow in confidence. To know we can grow gives us assurance we can survive. The one thing we cannot do is hide from the turbulence. If we do not batten down the hatches and take in the sails the storms will drive us far off course or even worse, sink us to the bottom of the sea.


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