Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Is It

This is all there is. Worrying that it is not normal, not socially acceptable or not what others have is a waste of time. What we have before us is what we have and what we must work with.

While we should not worry how others feel about our situation, our possessions or our feelings there are questions we should ask ourselves: Does it hurt others? Does it hurt me? Do I want this?

We should seriously consider removing ourselves from any action that causes pain to others directly. If people are causing themselves pain based on our actions, that is a different story. For example, if we are in a relationship with someone and there is another person who is jealous, that is not our fault. They are bringing the pain to themselves.

When we find ourselves hurting because of a situation or because we are doing things we do not want to do, then it is time to change the situation. Just because this is all there is does not mean that there is no way to change it. But when we are told that the way we are living is different or strange or wrong we need to accept that this is what is and that there is no normal. We need to come to grips with that which makes us unique and accept in others that which makes them unique.


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