Monday, October 25, 2010

The Point Of No Return

There comes a point in most any project where it costs more to stop then to finish. This is commonly known as the point of no return. When we have put a certain amount of energy into a project we must go on no matter how hard it is, how tired we are or how impossible it seems. This is the point where you will learn who is truly committed to change and who is willing to sacrifice hours, days weeks or years of effort when things get too hard.

The term point of no return originated as a description of the point along a journey where a craft would not have enough fuel or other supplies to return home without refueling. When we set out to change our lives we to0 can reach a point where the change that we have made in our life is too great to back away from. This may mean we are not the same person we where or that we are so close to a milestone in our journey that it would be foolish to stop trying.

Fortunately once we are past this point we usually have enough momentum to carry us through the hardships that come at the end of a project. What is really the key is being able to realize when we are approaching the point of no return. It is then that we must evaluate if the work we are doing is worth the effort it takes, if the changes we are seeing make it worth the work. Here we have to be cold, we can not let our own exhaustion, our own fear or our own longing blind us to the truth. As we approach the point of no return we must decide if we will or will not proceed. If we do not make the choice to quit, then we will have to see the process through to the end.

Once we have changed who we are enough we can never get back to our old life. It will never be good enough for us, for we have seen the sun beyond the clouds. We have fought past the turbulence and begun to learn to live, not to just exist. Live in the sun, live beyond the clouds. Push past the point of no return.


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