Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working With Limitations

We all have limitations. We need to accept these limitations and work with them rather than try to work past them.

Before we go farther we do need to clarify. There are actual limitations and then there are false limitations. False limitations are things we think limit us, and they only do so as long as we allow them to. When we confront these false limitations, these limiting beliefs we are able to accomplish much more than we thought we could. These are not the limitations we are talking about.

When we try to work past a limitation we spend energy trying to change that limiting aspect of ourselves. I'm dyslexic, for those who do not know. I could spend hours memorizing words and studying lists of homophones to try and make myself a better writer. This is trying to work past the limitation.

Another option is to just write and then let others see that writing. If I have accepted the limitation and know that it will not be perfect, I can look at the corrections without ego. This too will make me a better writer. This is working with the limitation.

By creating a work flow that allows us to work with whatever problem we face we can minimize the impact of the limitation. In addition working within the limitation builds confidence and reduces the impact it has on our lives. The more I write and receive editorial feedback the better a writer I become.


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