Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep Moving

Remind me to never write about dealing with the uncontrollable again. Yesterday was a whirlwind of uncontrollable events and for a time I did not deal with them well.

Shortly after I finished my post yesterday I realized that my laptop battery was low even though it was plugged in. I had been having some problems with the power cord the last few days so I did my ritual of unplugging parts and blowing on things but it did not bring it back to life.

Ok, so I have a momentary panic attack. What am I going to do? I have no money to repair the cord but I cannot be without my computer. Fortunetly I remembered some Amazon gift cards I had and was able to order the cord.

Later in the day I realized that my phone charging cable was not in my bag so there goes another way of keeping connected. Fortunately my boyfriend has a spare cable that works with my phone and we where able to revive it that night.

I was grumpy and irritable. I had a story I was working on but could not finish because all my notes were on the computer, and I was feeling isolated without my phone.

The problem was I was dwelling on the dilemma and not the solutions. I was not rolling with the punches but letting them hit me full in the face. It was not until I moved on that my mood improved.

I started working on a house ad for the paper and doing some image editing. Then wound up having a wonderful night cooking and visiting with friends. The key for me was not dwelling. Once I had a plan in place I could let go of the anger and frustration.

When the unexpected happens we have to deal with it, then keep moving.


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