Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sticking to Our Commitments

It is one of those mornings when I am having problems getting started. It is savagely cold in my neck of the woods and the very thought of crawling out from the covers was daunting this morning. I was even considering reposting my piece from last Thanksgiving on being thankful for hardships just to have an excuse to stay in bed a bit longer. However, I knew by noon that would be weighing on my conscience. It might not be cheating, but it would feel like it to me.

This is the thing about commitments we freely take on. They are part of us and how we handle them affects how we see ourselves. I may not be clamoring to write every morning when I drag myself out of bed, I may not be proud of everything I post every day, but I am always proud of myself for doing it, for sticking with it.

We may not want to do the things we commit to, however, once we have committed to them they are a powerful motivator. Like deadlines they can compel us to act and also help us redefine ourselves.


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