Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knowing When to Stop

It is easy to get caught up in doing the things we have been doing because that is what we do. Sometimes it is necessary to stop doing those things because they no longer bring us joy, pleasure or growth. We do them because they are expected of us when we used to do them for us.

No matter what it is we do in our lives we should be seeing some benefit from it, whether it is personal growth, happy memories, or the satisfaction of living well and doing right. When doing the things we loved becomes a chore we need to stop and ask ourselves why? What has changed? Is it us? Is it the way the task in question is treated by others? If we have lost enthusiasm for something it may be time to stop. Maybe it has lost its usefulness to our lives.

However if we have lost our love of doing something just because it has gotten difficult that is no reason to quit. We need to push through the difficulty to get better. Knoing when to quit, when enough is enough is an important skill to develop. Like so much of personal growth it comes from training your inner voice to be honest and then listening to it. When we can trust ourselves to tell us the real reason we want to throw in the towel, then we can make informed decisions.


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