Monday, November 1, 2010

New Blog Year Resolutions

As a new year of bloging starts the question becomes where do I go from here?

This year I plan to transfer to a four year school and continue to study journalism and I want to make enough money from writing to pay the rent. Last year if you would have asked me if I thought this was possible I probably would have given some weasely answer about how it is what I want to do but my lack of confidence in myself as a writer would have shown through. As this new blogging year dawns I feel I have the skills I need to make it happen.

On the personal front I am still looking for a place to call home. While I have a place to live there is not much of me in it, but if I can get more money coming in from writing I can finally have a place that feels like my own. The new relationship is going well and I am looking forward to this continuing in the next year.

Money, my ability to make it and manage it needs to be the major focus of this year. As always I am open to tips and suggestions and as I find tips that work for me I will share them with all of you. Have a great day and look forward to having all my great readers around for the second year of the blog.


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