Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maintaining Successes

This morning I am finally back to being able to post from my computer. The new cable arrived faster than expected and worked perfectly. This brings to mind a question, what do we do when things go right?

It is easy to talk about what to do when things go wrong, we feel we need to take action, change things, do something or we will not survive. But when things start going right that changes. The most important thing to do when life starts going well for us is not to coast. When we have what we want out of life it is easy to say, "Nice I can sit back and enjoy this." While we can do that for a few days, we have to get back to work or the good we have created will start to slip away from us.

This is not to say we should be pessimistic about the continuance of good fortune. Instead it means we have to recognize that we have done good work to create good fortune and that work must be maintained. In the past I have used the analogy of constructing a home to constructing the life we want. Confidence is the foundation, planning is the frame work, and action is sheet rock and so on. Like any house once it is built and lived in we have to maintain it, replace a garbage disposal here, slap on a coat of paint there. Our lives are like that as well.


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