Friday, November 19, 2010

A Preholiday Rant

We are moving into the holiday season again. With this come the reminders to be thankful, to give to the needy and all that stuff. All of this irritates me. Not because I do not want to be thankful or do not want to give what I can to help those who are in need. What gets to me is that we need a reminder.

One of the things I believe is that as we grow and change and strive to meet our goals we must also be more compasionate and develop stronger connections to our community. We have to be aware of the needs of others not because there is someone out front of a store ringing a bell or because the nice people on the T.V. tell us to be. We need to be aware of others needs just because they are there.

Every day of every year there are ways to give and get help. There are organizations that need our time as much as they may need our money. When we see problems that no one else is addressing we cannot just sit back and hope that someone else will deal with it. We must remember we are everyone else's someone else everyday. The homeless are sleeping under overpasses whether it is raining or sunny. People go hungry on Monday as easily as on Thanksgiving.


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