Monday, November 8, 2010

Meteoric Insights

This morning I would really like to say something profound. I would like to find some skittering part of the human condition and put a pin in it and say, 'see this is how this is.' While over the weekend I have had several moments of reflection and interesting thought that I hoped to share, this morning they are evading my memory. That is all right.

Not all truths, revelations and understandings are meant to be held onto. Instead there are insights that are like meteorites. They streak brightly across the sky of our thoughts flashing with great brilliance and we say to ourselves, 'how did I not know this before? I will always remember this.' When they strike our consciousness we feel them in our toes, there is a tingle in our spine, our hair stands on end. We want to act, we want to write, we want to create art.

Like a meteor, however, after it hits it buries itself in a crater, driving through the layers of our conscious mind to our subconscious. The unremembered insight does not leave us, it becomes part of who we are. It becomes part of the frame work of our understanding of the universe where we can interact with it intuitively. It is another wire under the board, or perhaps a better way of thinking about it would be this: these flashes of insight into the human condition and the nature of consciousness are the cable ties that keep all our wires neat.

These flashes of insight are just that, flashes, because they are too encumbering for our conscious mind to deal with. The part of us that has to remember to take showers, get dressed and brush our teeth is not the part of us that needs to understand when it is the right time to draw someone a picture or to know when they need a hug. So do not go chasing after lost shooting stars. If you find them they will just be a cold lump of rock in your hands. Instead let their iron insights be part of you and be stronger for it.

Just a brief behind the curtain moment here to share with you. As I wrote the first words of this post today I did not know where it was going. This is just an example of how the meteoric insights can bubble to the surface and make themselves known in what we do


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